Textiles Olcina, colleccions for all decoration and contract areas

Textiles Olcina SL. is in a very important creative process. We are continuously creating collections for various areas of decoration, for us there are no longer campaigns marked by the seasonality that marks the time of year. The constant incorporation of new colors, yarns and textures allows us to innovate developments following the most international trends as well as the needs of our customers. In addition, our design and development department is constantly looking for proposals to offer the markets in which we work…

In the Contract sector, the collection is made up of more than 200 references of flame retardant fabrics, all of them with CLASS 1 certification thanks to the use of FLAME RETARD or FR spinning. This allows us to assure our clients that the flame retardant properties of our fabrics remain in place despite the passage of time and the successive washing and maintenance processes.

This translates into a higher return on the investment made, since the works carried out with our collection are guaranteed a long life in the environment that they help to decorate, be they rooms, halls or public spaces. In addition, with the high durability of the environments that our creations allow, we help protect the planet by avoiding the prompt creation of textile waste caused by an early replacement of the environments due to their low resistance to the intensive use that is carried out in these spaces dedicated to the public recreation.

For the domestic sphere, the use of noble yarns such as linen, recycled cotton, …… together with the ease of use and maintenance typical of synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester, allows us to offer colorful collections, pleasant to the touch, with soft fall, and with a long durability of use. Our commercial department is very sensitive to the trends that are developed through the current fast media, social networks, online publications…… and they constantly transfer information that translates into new collections in our creative department that help our clients to meet those emerging demands of the retail market.


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