Textiles for your events

With the arrival of September we see the return of events and ceremonies. Decorators, caterers, wedding planners and industry professionals rely evermore on original textiles and risky combinations when they decorate spaces.

With Bondrap, we offer great value for table decoration, the Mediterranean collection. Jacquard table linens with a size of 280 cm with composition 55% polyester and 45% cotton and Indanthren dyed to support high washing temperatures. With colours ranging from creamy white to gold, you have two designs Tarifa and Altea, classical motifs, ornaments and plants.

asdasdasdadsdasdaFor a more colourful and striking option Bondrap features floral jacquards such as Emerald, Camelia, Peacock or where Vichy where turquoise, fuschia and red combine harmoniously. With a polyester / cotton composition and a width of 280 cm you can make cushions and chair covers to make any event special.

For a more rustic option, Bondrap has a wide range of plain and rustic fabrics, table linens like Luxor, and gauzes such as Tebas or Salvia for ornamental centres. Velvet, the classic velvet with perfect quality and a great color palette is perfect for any display in your events.

Do not forget our Basicos in gold and silver, perfect for any nighttime or gala event.

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