TEXTIL BATAVIA with the focus on acoustic fabrics fuses functionality and design.

Acoustic fabrics improve the acoustic comfort of rooms, offering solutions for both insulation and acoustic conditioning. They are used in all types of venues, from theatres and auditoriums to private homes, restaurants, shops, studios, discotheques and spaces with high sound emission.

In addition, acoustic fabrics offer the following advantages:

– Versatility: they can be used in all types of activities.

– Easy to install: their lightness facilitates their installation, reducing time, and avoiding reforms that would mean stoppages of the activity.

– Design element: their variety of colours and sizes gives them decorative value.

– Compatible with other acoustic solutions.

– More economical than other solutions that require major works.

– They can be used as separating elements without raising partitions.

– They can be used to cover windows, to guide and control the lighting in the room.

In general, we can divide the problems generated by excessive noise into two large groups:

– Against noise coming from outside: acoustic insulation.

– Against noise generated inside: acoustic conditioning.

In TEXTIL BATAVIA we have ACOUSTIC FABRICS for both acoustic insulation and acoustic conditioning solutions.

+Info: tejidosignifugos.com / tejidosacusticos.com

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