See the trends in textiles coming up for 2019

From ethereal warmth to urban magnetism, through feminine inspiration and nostalgia for a past that was never better than the present… Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar reveals the four major trends that will define the 2019 season. 

Valencia, 2th July 2018.- The upcoming edition of Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar (12 – 14 September) will preview the main trends set to dominate home textiles and décor next season. The insight comes from a detailed piece of research carried out by specialist agency ‘Metro Comunicación’, that reveals which are going to be the most fashionable colours and textures, classified into four sets styled ‘Candy’, ‘Hidden Woodland’, ‘Bright Pearl’ and ‘Urban Wit’.

These four broadly-defined trends are analysed in a paper that the fair will be making available to exhibitors and industry professionals who visit. We offer a brief description of them below:

Secret Woodland

Nature at its wildest and most unknown taking over the home, minimalist nature fashioned to create a hidden space filled with magic that melds with the city. This trend blends town and country together to create spaces that anyone can dare to venture into and live their own adventure. Rectilinear furniture combined with rustic elements made in the purest, most magical wood. This devotion to the natural environment is reflected in the use of pure, organic fabrics to create smooth, harmonious textures.


This trend is inspired by the prettiest aspects of the Nevada State Park. Nature clad in the most serene hues, creating a pleasant, calm, gentle landscape with colours brimming with vividness. Delicate hand-wovens, from deeply coloured pinks to the most welcoming, warmest yellows. Candy is a very feminine, inspirational trend that creates a home full of energy and vitality. It uses textures that are soft and pleasant to the touch, combining them with captivating upholstery.

Shiny Pearl

Nostalgia has made the past fashionable, prompting a return to a vintage style. This particular trend is full of optical illusions and intense shine, a return to the most eccentric elements of the ’70s and ’80s, all brought into the present alongside geometric fabric designs, combining colours, textures and materials in designs that give a retro feel. Shiny Pearl makes the most of every aspect of colour, using different shades of pink to create a sense of wellbeing, together with electric blues and touches of mustard as a counterpoint to create a more lively effect in the home.

Urban Wit

City lights at night time are the inspiration for a strong, innovative trend in which the urban spirit is evident. Urban development, the beauty of the city and a view to the future are translated into deep, gleaming textures. This is the starting point for a fresh way of interpreting a concept and turning it into a design. An imaginary space that sets a trend for inhabitants of big cities. A challenge presented with wit, that makes the most of available, convertible, adaptable space.


* Images Source: Pinterest

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