Lizzo presents the inedit, Tempo and Linnet collections at HTP by Textilhogar for the most demanding and cutting-edge projects

In 1999 José Ángel Climent, founder and CEO of the family business Lizzo, created the brand with the main objective of serving high decoration, providing customers the opportunity to transform their spaces into true works of art.

At Lizzo, we are dedicated to moving through design and quality, offering fabric and wallpaper collections with a refined and eclectic style and a strong personal stamp. We are committed to staying at the forefront of design and innovation, anticipating trends and offering collections that meet our costumers’ changing tastes and needs.

We emphasise our dedication to excellence at every process step, from conception to production. We work with European master craftsmen and employ the highest quality materials to ensure our products are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

In keeping with its essence and standards of quality and style, Lizzo presents its new collections full of art and organic inspiration; exclusive fabrics and textures filled with nuances to enhance the most demanding and avant-garde projects.

*INEDIT: Inspired by the exotics designs of Art Nouveau Movement, Lizzo’s new Inedit collection seduces us with its curvilinear elegance and sinuous lines through a wide range of attractive jacquards, refined embroideries, and upholstered textures full of personality and dimension. Above all, each design seeks a cohesive aesthetic adapting masterfully to the whole, creating an eclectic and contemporary collection with a studied balance of opposites: shadow and light, satin and natural finishes, sumptuousness and serene sobriety. A luxury of contrasts enhanced by a colour range that brings balance to the collection, highlighting its earthy tones, ivory, ochre, intense blues and deep greens.

*TEMPO: Inspired by the framework of time that, although seemingly constant, carries a mysterious and wondrous air reflected in music in a particular way. In their quest to capture and translate its essence, composers master its nature and characteristics, finding the perfect texture to combine melody, rhythm and harmony in a single piece. Similarly, Lizzo brings seven designs in its new Tempo collection, performed with grace and concord through light organic textures, stonewashed jacquards, boucle yarns or infinite nets, thus creating an exquisite composition and well-balanced artwork.

*LINNET: Linnet has been designed to reveal the natural beauty of linen. There´s something so captivating about its irregular knots and unique imperfections that brings character and a sense of calmness to any space. Suitable for both drapes and upholstery, Linnet is a must-have addition to Lizzo Essentials library of linen.

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