Jover Group will present at the fair the acquisition of the brand KA International

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‘Ka International’ returns to the market by the hand of JOVER group. With over 70 sales outlets, it is in the process of national and international growth. In ‘HOME TEXTILES PREMIUM by TEXTILHOGAR’ the second collection of the new stage will be presented following with the style, texture, and colors characteristic of the brand.

Inca, the new collection 

Ka International is back and presents in premiere, more loudly than ever, its new collection: Inca.


Inca, consists of a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from velvets, botanical motifs and textures to the most elegant designs. Contemporary geometrics, ethnics and eternal stripes are the essence of the new prints inspired by nature, which give liveliness and luminosity to the most exclusive areas.

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The quality of its upholstered furniture with natural plain fabrics, unique textures and Jacquards, designed with an exquisite color palette, has made Ka International become a benchmark in the world of decoration.

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Adapting to new times, the firm has introduced new treatments to its fabrics, such as easy clean with water, linen appearance new qualities that neither shrink or wrinkle and outdoor fabrics that always keep their original color.

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The brand, founded over 30 years ago, continues transforming exclusive areas with its internationally known style, the KA-style.

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