Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar advances Trends for 2017

From galactic colors to ethnical essences,to cream color dyes or classical memories… Four major trends that will mark creations next year and will be advanced from 8 to 18 September in Madrid.

Valencia, 23 of June, 2016.- The second edition of Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar will be hosting, not only a powerful commercial offering, including the best Spanish and Portuguese firms, but also an area exclusively dedicated to trends in which next year’s trends will be advanced.

This will be a unique exhibition space under the name of ‘Trends 2017’in which, hand in hand with the creative team of the specialist agency ‘Contexto’, professional visitors may discover which colours, textures and materials are going to set the textile and home creations next year.

We are talking about four major trends emerged after an intense process of research and selection of the information, from the most extreme and avant-garde kind of urban sources, to the most commercial proposals, close to the market profile, and after an exchange with the show exhibitors themselves. A real sample of what the market, the society and the fashion demand for a continuously bubbling sector.

‘Photon Blue’. The galaxy as a source of exploration.

Origin. Destination. And, in the middle, the journey and outer space as the exploration field. The eternal bionomial question: Where do we come from? Where are we going? And the human curiosity feeding it since the dawn of time. Contemplation of the past allows us to know the present time and also constantly investigate towards the future.


Fascination for and aiming for class and style. Two motivations in one single goal: experiencing the feeling of exclusivity provided by absolute modernity. A modernity made from images of a technological future, free from any imperfection, a brilliant and bright future, in which the dream of a perfect reality makes sense. A future, tailor made for man and by man, for his research and achievements.

A dazzling scenery which is reflected in the “seapunk” look. Aesthetic codes, with references to an aquatic universe, iridescent, pearly and metallic colors. In blue, pink and green tones, as well as geometrical motifs and 3D volumes, are now being seen in the cosmos projection.

Cooler colours, lighter tones and starbursts creating dynamic forms. Technical fabrics and textures halfway between futuristic and organic.

‘Island Flúor’. Glocal & local

A new form of conceiving life, a merging of cultures and customs that cut across the local dimension to make it become local. A very relaxed, lively, young and attractive style in search of pleasure as the active substance. Cosmopolitan citizens migrating around the world in search of new experiences, feeding on new concepts and perceptions.


The praise of everything that is striking and exotic to create a fascinating, dynamic and full of experiences environments. The origin, the primitive, are referenced in our wishes and in our nature, causing irrationality to set our patterns of behaviour.

Under the influence of afrotourism, an extremely attractive look based on the fantasy and imagination of a future time leaves us a mixture of the earthly and the virtual, expressed by a radical contrast.

Organic, gently irregular textures –though following the evolutionary patterns of nature- consolidate us on the earth, while bright contrasting colours, whose diversity is fascinating, rise us towards spaces evoking other realities.

‘Office Cream’. Transgressive naivety

Everything is yet untried, everything is new and positive. Everything is possible and everything can be mixed: duty and right, effort and pleasure, work and leisure, to create a physical and mental space, a multiservice comfort.


Playing games at the workplace, working in the bedroom, seamless life, as a response to standards imposed by the past, hoping that it really works. Research and explore, unashamed blends, to create something new based on what we already have. To play with colour to ambush that mainstreaming and turn to the luxury of natural fabrics and the luxury of aging, to accompany de demand of a permanently productive life.

‘Focus Brown’. The most cultivated classic

The exotic adventure, the fear of the unknown, the lands and people of essential Africa, sophisticated Asia, filtered through the Anglo-Saxon cultural tradition of the explorer’s voyage, having an adventurous soul, entomological technique and a colonial objective. Culture, knowledge, diversity, contemplation.


A cultivated approach, checked and/or processed over time, a slow but steady learning process. When we speak about classic, we do not refer to ancient but to the “quality and savoir-faire”; intellectual, aesthetic or sensory pleasure provided by beautifully conceived objects, finely created, useful in their conception, that speak for us, of our taste, of our cares, of our dreams.

A personal search based on the memories, readings, movies, our essence and the restlessness of a traveler maverick.

The second edition of Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar will take place from 8 to 10 of next September at the Altillo of the Chamartín Station. 70 exhibitor companies have already committed their presence in the show. Your will find an advance of the exhibitors list here.

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