Héctor Ruiz presents a new smart fabric at Ágora Nude that cares for and protects health

ECOPLEN GEOGRAPHY COLLECTION by Ruiz Velazquez. How to Care for Our Health and Protect Ourselves Through the Application of Smart Fabric

The 100% made in Spain collection revolves around four concepts: health, care and enjoyment, environment, and timelessness. Its main element proposes the fusion of senses, offering a new perspective to the fabric palette based on the diverse ways of life, landscapes, cultures, and traditions across Spanish geography. The Valencian brand, Atenzza, presents the Ecoplen Geography Collection featuring innovative textile technology based on nanoparticles that purify and maintain spaces free from viruses and bacteria. This collection is characterized by providing self-cleaning properties to the fabric, along with greater resistance to degradation and fading due to its manufacturing using 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic fibers. Furthermore, fabrics with Ecoplen technology repel water, are anti-static, eliminate odors, and purify the air.

We will be joined by Hector Ruiz Velázquez, architect, and Francisco Pérez, CEO of Atenzza, to discuss these innovations.

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