Feria Valencia introduces Safety Protocol to make the venue safe in the face on Covid-19

Temperature checks, hand sanitiser stations, wider aisles and bigger stands will facilitate social distancing whilst as many halls as necessary to enable exhibitors and visitors to adjust to the new regulations will be opened.

Feria Valencia is set to digitalize all communication with visitors and exhibitors and eliminate paper altogether. It will also be introducing a system for disinfecting all large surfaces, together with ventilation and air renewal systems.

Valencia, 8th June 2020.- Feria Valencia is introducing a strict Safety Protocol that includes all the health, hygiene and safety measures and systems that will be implemented for all upcoming fairs, events and congresses. The Protocol is in line with the regulatory framework introduced by the WHO and the Spanish Government and also reflects the work undertaken jointly by the Asociación de Ferias Españolas (AFE, Spanish Trade Fairs Association) and the UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry). The aim is to ensure that Feria Valencia is a space that provides workers, suppliers, exhibitors and visitors with full protection from Covid-19.

On a general level, Feria Valencia will be implementing enhanced disinfection of all surfaces that are touched continually as part of an ongoing general cleaning process throughout the venue. It has also installed an air renewal system that works through the ventilation systems and will also be introducing a range of specific systems designed to disinfect large spaces.

Upon arrival at the venue, visitors will be required to have their temperature checked and face masks and hand sanitizer will be available at each of the entrances. In addition, queues at the entrances will be eliminated by making the spaces and entrances bigger, whilst delivering the obligatory facility for social distancing.

Inside the halls, the exhibition areas will be arranged so as to lower the density of stands and numbers of visitors and the aisles will be widened sufficiently to reduce visitor density. Feria Valencia has seven halls and entrances and more than 250,000 m2 of exhibition space that can be used to make it easier to spread visitors out. 

In the case of events, congresses and parallel events, the Protocol also provides for checks on the number of people in the various rooms together with deep cleaning of the rooms after each time they are used. Attendees will also be able to follow the events via telematic media that will offer interactive facilities.

Investing in digitalization

Another of the most notable measures being introduced is Feria Valencia’s investment in fully digitalizing its relationship with both its exhibitors and its visitors. To prevent the risk of contagion, there will be no hard copies of floor plans, visitor guides, exhibitor lists, notices of parallel events or schedules of events. All of these sources of information will be centralized in an Official App that is already up and running and that will enable visitors and exhibitor to access all of the information with a single click.

Feria Valencia will also be enhancing the signage throughout the venue, including the directional signage, to make it easier and safer for people to find their way around. The fair will also be digitalizing lectures, events and presentations and making them available on telematic media.

The Protocol also sets out the steps to be taken should a suspected case of Covid-19 be detected. A procedure has been put in place to isolate suspected cases and the existing medical service will be reinforced permanently at Feria Valencia.

Feria Valencia has set up a specific micro-site within its website that sets out all the health and safety measures and protocols the institution is introducing across the venue and its fairs and other events. Full information on these measures, which ensure that Feria Valencia is a 100% safe venue, can be viewed at https://www.feriavalencia.com/espacio-seguro/.

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