Evo Fabrics falls in love with their handkerchiefs


Evo Fabrics inspires and recognizes the traditions and what Portugal has most beautiful to offer the world: VALENTINE HANDKERCHIEFS.

The Valentine handkerchiefs or request handkerchiefs were, according to Minho tradition, handkerchiefs that were embroidered with the care that the beating heart put into the hands of girls at the dating age. The girl would embroider her handkerchief from a fine linen cloth made by herself or from a cotton handkerchief purchased at the market.


After the embroidery, the handkerchief would reach the hands of the selected one and it was the fact of him wearing it in public or not, that would decide the beginning of a love affair. The handkerchiefs are all associated to happy or less blissful love stories, overwhelming passions or simple momentary flares, portrayed in the polychromatic designs embroidered on the whiteness of the linen.


Evofabrics was inspired on the colors, the joy, and mostly on the love of the “Valentine Handkerchiefs”, to create a collection that transmits to its environment, all the joy though the embroidering, the jacquards, and now also to complement with wall panels and wood blinds. Have Fun with Love.


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