Discover the new LIZZO collections

Once again LIZZO observes the complexities of life, backgrounds and styles globally to find inspiration in historical eras and different parts of the world.

This multiple perspective allows the creation of four collections with new extures and designs which lead to the conception of exclusive and harmonious spaces, where aesthetic and eternal elegance take precedence.

Gentry is the renewal of an era where glamour and style is shown with pride. The collection brings back a time where the refined classicism is mixed with modernist trends in architecture and landscape design. We revisit this style through textiles like jacquards, silks, embroideries and printed fabrics, all wraped in an harmonious colour palette.

Mythology is a collection of sheers inspired by the sea deities in the Greco-Roman world. From sophisticated fibers, like cashmere, rayon and linens to bucolic patterns, the designs are reminiscent of the beauty and kindness of the Nereids, the inspiring elegance of the Muses and the fierce of the magnificent Trident, all presented in a palette of marine foam, subtle pink, greys and natural colours.

Nuvola is a timeless collection of sheers with modern washed colours and an extensive natural palette range, creating beautiful drops. Designed to match perfectly with any Lizzo Fabric, Nuvola takes you into an atmospheres of purity and light.

The Gala Collection is a vibrant satin with a soft hand designed to provide an exquisite touch. The wide palette of twenty eight colours gives a unique vibe on a vivid surface.

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