ATLANTIS & ARGOS, THUNDER, and CONCEPTS: AGORA’s novelties for HTP by Textilhogar


In the world of design and decoration, innovation is key to keep up to date with the latest trends. In this sense, the brand Agora has launched into the market the newest collection Agora PRO – Atlantis & Argos, two textures made from PVC and polyester that are specially designed for high-traffic outdoor spaces. This collection is targeted towards the Contract sector and is ideal for spaces like spas, restaurants, pool sides and yachts.

The collection is characterized by its resistance and durability, providing an ideal solution for those spaces that require high resistance to wear. These fabrics are designed to withstand adverse conditions such as exposure to UV rays, humidity, and constant contact with water. In addition, Atlantis & Argos offers a wide range of modern designs and colours that adapt perfectly to any decorative style, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic spaces where aesthetics also play an important role. With the new collection, designers have the possibility to create refined and avant-garde environments without compromising the functionality and durability of the fabrics.


In addition to the Atlantis & Argos collection, Agora has stunned the market with its newest line, Thunder. This collection stands out for its performance outdoors, providing the same quality and durability that characterises other fabrics of the brand. However, what makes Thunder special is its new line pattern, that adds a touch of originality to the traditional line.

Thunder offers a variety of colour options, allowing designers to play around and create unique combinations. This collection is perfect for those that wish to add a bold design element to their outdoor projects.


In response to the demands of the contract sector, Agora has launched its new book Concepts. This book compiles various collections of the brand’s fabrics, including the new Atlantis & Argos, and Thunder.

Concepts is a great tool for interior designers and architects since, by offering a comprehensive solution, it allows you to explore different styles, textures, and colours quickly and intuitively while facilitating the presentation of rounded proposals to the end customer.

In this book, professionals will find Agora fabrics that cover a wide spectrum of outdoor & indoor applications: upholstery, decoration, windows… for use in the most diverse areas and projects: hotels, swimming pools, spas, nautical, residential… providing a complete offer in terms of versatility of use and colour options.

All these exciting novelties presented by Agora will be available for display at the upcoming Home Textiles Premium fair in Valencia. Get ready to discover the latest trends in the textile sector and let your creativity run wild!

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