Alhambra International presents its new collection Adire

Explore Alhambra´s latest sheer collection and discover a fantastic world of prints that will bring to your home all the purity, balance and serenity of the Far East.

Its refined design and exquisite quality will certainly captivate all lovers of interior design.


Inspiration comes from our designers’ fascination with the ancient Japanese hand-dyeing technique called Shibori. The main feature of this technique is the degree of unpredictability that it involves, as the patterns are hardly outlined by the craftsman, letting chance create the design, resulting in original prints, always with unique details. Many Eastern masters have long believed that these random forms give them insight into the subtle order that governs the universe.


This season, Alhambra has captured the essence and beauty of Shibori, reinterpreting this textile technique in its new sheer collection. ADIRE offers an incredible range of digital prints, of exceptional quality, that faithfully reproduce the genuine and stunning ombre fading effect of this handicraft technique. Captured on a sensational soft and natural hand touch linen, thus achieving a harmonious effect of elegance, calm and serenity.


The collection is enhanced by a delicate and gentle colour palette of modern neutral tones, brilliantly combined to convey an inspiring and invigorating atmosphere. The range of colours include: caramel, light chocolate, ice coffee and lilac grey. The collection is highlighted with soft accents such as aquamarine, rose quartz and pale plum hues.


Add a unique style to your home with ADIRE, a versatile, balanced, elegant, natural and absolutely in vogue sheers collection, where you will find a design for every current trend of interior decoration.



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