AITEX lines of work focusing on the development of new home products with a high added-value factor

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The institute AITEX will publicise its core strategic areas of activity in laboratory services, among which tog classification for duvets and our research and training projects are of particular interest.

The duvet is becoming more and more popular thanks to the advantages it offers in terms of its low weight and high heating potential. However, in recent years there has been a glut of products on the market accompanied by a flood of sometimes misleading information in the marketing material, which often present performance statistics in a confusing manner, making the purchaser’s decision even more difficult.

Duvet performance can be presented in a bewildering variety: filling composition, weight and tog rating.

AITEX has proposed an evaluation strategy and method to measure a duvet’s thermal and comfort performance by which the Institute hopes to provide more appropriate and objective information on the duvet’s performance and to make the consumer more aware of their availability. The methodology is based on European and international standards and measures the following characteristics:

1) Degree of thermal comfort
2) Insulation capacity
3) Optimum temperature range
4) Filling power test

Once the above tests have been performed and analysed, the manufacturer will receive a comfort certificate which they can display on the packaging. Through this fully-objective approach, AITEX aims to help both the consumer when making a decision as to which duvet best meets their requirements and at the same time help the manufacturer advertise their product’s performance to the consumer.

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