African spirit in new collections Kilimanjaro & Tyger Valley of Textiles Joyper


African rumors tinge the new Kilimanjaro and Tyger Valley collections in a year where the rain forest dawn overwhelms us with no help. Captured by the jungle exoticism where leaves and vines forbid us from escaping, invading us with happy melancholy of exotic and wild memories.

Textiles Joyper, S.L. brings the sweetest and chicest version to the interior decor reaching all type of environment and home spots. Soft tones, textures and animal skin inspired in the Savannah getting us closer to its best version. Digital prints in soft cottons come together with a variety of plains and coordinates to give the total look to all rooms.


The collection has been created with the intentions to being warm and style to all atmospheres where all those collections are decided to be used. Kilimanjaro offer us a deep foliage where zebras and elephants with round and curved shapes appears in different colors as browns, roses, green as a novelty, blues. The tribal coordinate in two tones , based on the zebra skin but in geometric shapes, will bring us light among the leaves.

Tyger Valley show us the rest of one of the most terrifying rainforest beasts, the Leopard. In no ending trees with this beautiful beast takes a rest. On top a textured base that reminds a linen vintage fabric vibrant prints mesmerize us to a most relaxing but dangerous jungle. As coordinate, the animal skin of our protagonist in different colors…

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