2020 Home textiles trends

A report titled ‘Macrotrends’ compiled by experts at AITEX and the Metacomunicación agency suggests that next season’s designs will be more sustainable and linked to the passing of time. It identifies four main, global trends that it names as “Dawn”, “Daybreak”, “In Broad Daylight” and “Nightfall”.




Valencia, 20th June 2019.- For the fifth time in a row, the Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar fair – the next edition of which takes place from 11th to 13th September at Caja Mágica in Madrid – has published its annual report on trends that previews what are set to be the four main streams that will inform textile design next year, 2020. On this occasion, the report has been written by Francisca Orihuel, who is textile fashion expert at the AITEX Institute of Technology, and Jose Vicente Plaza, Raül Buigues, Delia Sánchez and Ángela Mollà, who are all specialists at communications agency Metacomunicación.

 The report starts from the premise that the textile industry is facing its greatest challenge ever: how to design for a global population whilst at the same time protecting the planet and ensuring the industry’s output does not have a negative impact on people. Pivotal to this will be the growth of local production to the detriment of sourcing from Asia, which will improve timescales and disrupt the textile industry’s traditional patterns/rhythms.

The experts conclude, as a result, that textile production will become organic, offering transparency from the outset whilst being environmentally friendly – values that are becoming corporate strategy for textile manufacturers.

Taking the above as its starting point, the ‘Macrotendencias’ report outlines four major trends in textile design and fashion for 2020:



In this trend, a style of product will emerge where the fabric and its texture blend with icy, light, pastel colours that merge together to create very personal looks. A style that is approachable yet avant-garde and imaginative at the same time. The neutral colour palette offers shades that blend together easily to provide a perfect balance between brightness, elegance and light.




This is a concept that can convey the idea that everyone, everywhere, does the same things in that we are all born, grow up and die. It suggests reviving artisan techniques and re-establishing the value of working with textiles and of the relationship between our country and its history. It also posits finding a unifying thread in folklore, bringing back the joy of decking out the home in a way that involves our history and culture.

In Broad Daylight



All the designs in this category boast a vibrant, joyful colour palette, the brighter the better. Colours are combined, complement each other and superimposed one over the other with no holds barred. Designs are characterised by the use of laminated and glossy materials, displaying attention-grabbing geometric shapes and colour combinations that create a fresh, urban style with a unique personality.




Important aspects of decoration in this trend are symbolism and detail in personal and highly ornate objects. This is a trend that is reinventing the classics, giving them an element of surprise that is evident in the way rich materials play with light.

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